Creating a Home Page to Reposition a Brand 

Dennis Home Improvement has a reputation for being a great roofer. 

But they do much more than repair and replace roofs. And their team shifted their marketing strategy to focus on the other services they provide, like building decks, updating garages, and replacing siding. 

This transition meant moving away from copy like “we’re more than roofers” and repositioning Dennis Home Improvement as exterior renovation specialists. 

When we began redesigning their website, a significant focus was on telling customers about how Dennis Home Improvement (DHI) can make their homes better. And we wanted to differentiate from other roofers and home improvement companies in the area by creating a unique brand voice. 

In this blog, we’ll break down how we repositioned Dennis Home Improvement as an exterior renovation company and wrote a home page to communicate their unique skill to prospective customers. 

Telling a Story with the Home Page

When prospects first land on the home page, they encounter messaging that speaks to them. Dennis Home Improvement wants to create a home the customer has always wanted. 

They’re also introduced to copy referring to Dennis Home Improvement as “exterior renovation experts” on a call-to-action button. 

 On the page, site visitors can take action with a form or phone number. This is a critical part of the home page. We wanted the copy to resonate with a prospect. We tie the idea of taking care of a home with protecting their family. 

We also used this section to reinforce Dennis Home Improvement’s commitment to treating customers’ homes as their own. 

Giving Prospects an Opportunity to Take Action

A vital point of the home page is giving site visitors multiple chances to take action. Finding a solution on the home page lessens the risk of someone bouncing because they couldn’t easily find what they were seeking. 

Below the fold, we introduce some of Dennis Home Improvement’s services and match the call-to-action button copy to the service, so a prospect knows exactly where they’ll be going.

Towards the bottom of the page, we tell a site visitor about Dennis Home Improvement’s core values. It sets an expectation of what a customer can expect from the DHI team. Then, we conclude with another call to action button focused which reinforces the home renovation theme. 

We’ll be breaking down other pages on the Dennis Home Improvement site in other blogs. As one of the most frequently visited pages, the home page had to establish who Dennis Home Improvement is and have compelling copy that moves customers down the page. 

Combined with powerful imagery, we believe the DHI home page stands out amongst its competitors.