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We’re here to help eco-friendly companies navigate the digital landscape. You’re doing great work for the planet. We’ll make sure your audience knows who you are and what you do.

FGM Marketing works with companies who care about Earth. We’re not talking about greenwashers or companies that do this for the trend. 

We partner with folks who are driven to be eco-friendly and stand by that statement. 

Our expertise is in digital marketing. We put that knowledge to work for you so that your incredible mission, product, or service can be discovered online. This means you’ll have more customers and better engagement with your audience. 

Why is FGM Internet Marketing different?

We’re not perfect, and we’re not about purity tests here at FGM Internet Marketing. What we can promise is that we’re considerate of how we manage our office supplies and our consumption. 

Beyond what we do personally, we want to create the better world of our dreams. In terms of FGM Internet Marketing’s clientele, we do not work with or specialize in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), also known as consumer packaged goods (CPG). We do not use scare tactics or greenwashing to sell our customers’ products and services. At every turn, we are ethical in the advertising and content that we publish.

Taking it one step further, FGM Internet Marketing purposely seeks to work with clients in the following spaces:

  • Brands with a circular economy outlook. This includes accounting for the product from sourcing materials and the mode of production, to shipping methods, the packing used, and how to dispose of or fix the product once it’s unusable. We must think about the entire lifecycle of a product.
  • Organizations in the food sovereignty arena, be it regenerative agriculture, community gardens, farmers markets, or restoring foodways.
  • Indigenous lifeways, outlooks, and medicine.
  • Bicycle and pedestrian safety advocacy, or anything to make transportation in this country more accessible, equitable, and less reliant on the private automobile.
  • Outdoors brands that help people get back to nature – think hiking, paddling, etc.
  • Educational orgs that empower people to make personal changes and also hold the big polluters accountable, while demanding cultural and systemic changes.


The opportunities for ethical marketing and the promotion of eco-friendly ways of life are vast. I have written about environmentalism and ethical marketing before. If you’re a business or organization who values people and the planet before profit, get in touch with us and let’s see if we can work together.

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