How a Piece of Tape Made Me a Customer for Life

When I was ready to return the camera lens, I noticed Lensrentals included a piece of tape to seal the box. 
I was even more thrilled to see they had not wasted an opportunity to write some brilliant copy that entertained me to the point of laughing out loud, showing my wife, and snapping a few pics (which you’ll see below). 
Did the copy encourage me to follow them on social media? No. 
Did the copy offer me 25% off my next order? No.
Not one thing on the tape encourages me to rent from them again or head to their site. But, just like the tape sealing the box, it sealed my fate as a customer for life. 
Long before using the copy-filled strip of tape, I had a great experience with Lensrentals. I’m an amateur photographer, so I called them asking about a lens I wanted to rent for an upcoming camping trip. Their support staff was superb and even encouraged me to rent a cheaper lens that would weigh less and be better for hiking. It saved me (and cost them) about $50

Don't Waste Space

So I did rent the cheaper lens. And I loved it. I got some great shots.
From start to finish, the process was so easy. They kept me engaged through clever email copy, walking me through how the rental period worked once I paid.
This whole thing may seem pretty trivial. All I did was rent a lens for about $65. Since then, I haven’t bought a single item from the company. But, I won’t hesitate to rent from them again.
The thing Lensrentals did so well, besides how easy it is to rent from them, is they didn’t waste a single bit of space to keep me engaged.
Their email copy was smart and informative. The box was even labeled telling me how to return the lens or get in touch with the team if something was wrong. And the tape discouraged me from trying to use any excess for mischief (like taping a cat’s ears).

Create a Complete Customer Experience 

Not every business can capture the same tone of voice and level of humor that Lensrentals used. But, you can use the space you have to make your customers remember you. Or send them to your blog. Make “thank you for your order” emails more personable.
The drab “contact us” page? Do something fun with it. 
And if you’re shipping items to customers, dress the box up with engaging copy. Make them laugh, tell them a bit about you, or give them directions to contact customer service. There’s lots of space for you to talk to your customers. Use it wisely!
You can create a lasting impression on your clients when you nail the customer experience and weave in great copywriting.