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Why Your Business’s Reviews Online are Important

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How important are online customer reviews to your business? A recent Nielsen report showed that 70% of online consumers now place their trust in online reviews. This dramatic increase indicates that business owners need to monitor and manage their online reviews more than ever. Your online reputation is a top priority that affects everything about your business – including your bottom line.

When someone is searching online for a product or service, the reviews can be the determining factor as to whether they choose your business, or your competitor’s.

Online reviews are also important for your search engine results. Your business’s ranking on Google or Bing is determined by proprietary algorithms that take into consideration multiple factors, many of which are unknown. That said, we can see a correlation between the number of reviews a business receives and that business’s search engine rankings.

Generate More Online Reviews

While we’re aware of the importance of online reviews for businesses, until now it has been difficult to consistently generate online reviews. Simply asking your customers to leave a review via email or in person requires the customer to search online for your business, then leave a review. Many will not be motivated to do this or forget - unless, of course, they are extremely unhappy and want to “vent” online.

FGM Internet Marketing, LLC is excited to introduce a new product for 2018 that allows our clients to generate, monitor and respond to customer reviews online.

Monitor and Respond to Customers’ Online Reviews

Our Online Review Manager will allow our clients to generate, monitor and respond to customers’ online reviews via a single dashboard. This dashboard can be accessed via your computer or through a mobile app. While generating online reviews is extremely important, monitoring and responding to online reviews is where your business can shine.

Online Review Manager dashboard

Through our Online Review Manager, you will be able to monitor reviews from multiple sources – Google, Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s List, and more – as they come in. If the review requires a response, you can respond directly from the Online Review Manager dashboard. Customers appreciate owner responses to their comments, whether their review was positive or negative. Responding to reviews let’s your customer know that customer service is important to you and your business.

For positive reviews, a simple thank you or like can show your customers that you appreciate them and are listening. For negative reviews, a response is absolutely necessary. FGM Internet Marketing can respond to your reviews on your behalf, ensuring that the response is reasonable and professional. Showing that you take feedback constructively can turn a negative reviewer into a satisfied customer, and even a champion for your business.


Our online reputation management service is available for current and new clients who are using our digital marketing services. For Silver packages, Online Review Manager is an add-on of $50 per month. Online Review Manager is included in our Gold and Platinum packages.

If you’re interested in taking control of your business’s online reviews, contact us today.

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