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As the founder of FGM Internet Marketing, I (Fiona Martin) been crafting and implementing digital marketing strategies for over a decade. I’ve been an active triathlete for about the same amount of time. Like the majority of age groupers (non-professional athletes), I balance training for long distance triathlons with work, running a business, and family commitments. It’s not uncommon for all of this to blend together, and to take some of what you learn in endurance sports and apply it to other areas of your life. 
Triathlon has made me stronger physically and mentally. The hard work it takes to compete in endurance sports has direct parallels with what it takes to successfully market a business or product online. In a world full of quick-fixes and life hacks, there are no shortcuts when it comes to triathlon OR digital marketing.

Similarities between Triathlon and Digital Marketing

While triathlon and digital marketing are not exactly the same (of course), I have taken things I’ve learned in endurance sports and applied them successfully to digital marketing campaigns. Maybe even better, I’ve learned the hard way by not applying these maxims and falling for the “quick fix”. Every. Single. Time the “hack” has been unsuccessful.
So here’s what I find are common threads in triathlon and digital marketing:
  • No quick fix. Successful triathletes and digital marketing campaigns require a solid base, a thoughtful strategy, putting in the hard work, and time to reach the desired result.
  • We build on past successes, work on our weaknesses, and learn from our failures.
  • Competitor research – look at what your competitors are doing that you can improve on, and learn from their mistakes.

Why You Need a Triathlete to Market to Triathletes

Triathletes are a unique set of people – driven, type A, workaholic type of people. In 2017, just over 4 million people took part in a triathlon in the United States. Triathletes are more affluent – their average income is $126,000. With any niche group, there is a language, a way of thinking, a lifestyle that those outside of the group don’t know or understand. 
Triathletes take pride in this knowledge as something that sets them apart. Most keep up-to-date with triathlon news, events, and gossip. Bringing in a digital marketing agency from outside of this group can lead to issues like inauthenticity in advertising. For example, this Liberty Mutual commercial is a great example of what happens when a marketing team doesn’t understand cyclists.
So what do I (Fiona Martin) bring to the table as a triathlete and digital marketer? First, I’m a real deal triathlete. I’ve grown from my first ever sprint triathlon in 2012 to being a competitive age grouper competing in both the ITU World Championships (Olympic distance) in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2019, and the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships in St. George, Utah in 2021. I also completed my first full IRONMAN at Lake Placid 2021 in a time of 12:07.
Second, I bring the focus, dedication, and patience it takes to grow and compete in the sport consistently for the past 9 years. I know the events, the lingo, the products, the motivation, and the mindset of an age group triathlete, as well as the sacrifices they make.
As a digital marketer, I hold a Certificate in Digital Marketing (with Credit) from the Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM) in London, and over 10 years of experience working on and developing successful marketing campaigns. My specialties include digital marketing strategy, SEO, Google Ads (search, video, display, and Shopping), social media ads (Facebook and Instagram in particular), email marketing, and content creation. I’ve worked on local, national, and international ad campaigns, and have a host of satisfied clients.
I have clients who have benefited from my digital marketing expertise and triathlon know-how including A2 Bikes and TriMarni Coaching and Nutrition.
If you’re a business marketing to triathletes, you’ve found the unicorn of digital marketer + triathlete in Fiona at FGM Internet Marketing. Contact us today.
FGM in triathlon space