Why Well Written Website Copy Matters

Your web copy is a lot more important than you think. 
Maybe you see the words on your website as simply a means to an end. A way to tell your clients what you do and convince them to pay money for your product or services. 
Sure, you’re selling something. But what you’re really selling is a feeling. A connection. 
If you look at your competitors’ sites, or your own, you’ll probably find a common thread. They all say a bit about their business, how passionate they are, and how they do higher quality work or offer the lowest prices. 
Same old, same old. 
Prospective customers are landing on these sites and leaving just as quickly as they arrive. There’s nothing there for them to sink their teeth into. 
Good web copy tells a story. It makes your customer laugh (or cry). And it creates a much higher likelihood of them remembering your business because of their digital interaction with you. 

Creating the Feeling 

Less than a year into ownership of my first home, I discovered a curtain rod hanging off my wall. I thought it was odd, and when I got closer to see what was wrong, my stomach sank. I could see the dark color on the wall, and as I touched it and felt cold dampness, I could see my bank account draining. 
A roof leak. 
I went through all stages of grief in a short period (but spent a good chunk of it being angry at my inspector, who said I had  “good five years” with the roof). But of all my emotions, I was worried. 
It was springtime, and that meant rain and thunderstorms. Long story short, I had the roof replaced. 
And when I cut the $5,000 check, I wasn’t purchasing shingles or decking board; I bought assurance. 
It felt good knowing my roof was not going to leak. So when I saw rain in the forecast, I didn’t stress. 
That’s the feeling your web copy should convey to customers. Most roofers and contractors will take up space on their site talking about how they can “build a brand new deck” or replace your roof. 
Prospective customers aren’t sitting on their deck because it was cheap or because their contractor has been in business for 50 years. 
They sit outside because they want to enjoy life. They want to see their kids play. They want to enjoy coffee or a drink during nice weather. 
Those are the feelings they’re after. 
Writing copy that puts that image in their mind creates the emotion attached with memories created on a deck.
That’s the picture we tried to paint when we updated Dennis Home Improvement’s deck’s page. Here’s a snippet from that page: 


When they can picture themselves using a porch and enjoying it, it’s much easier for them to bridge the gap from prospect to customer. And that’s exactly what we did here. We put together a mental image of what life will be like on their new deck. 
So how do you get a well-written copy on your page? 
You could do it yourself. Maybe you’re a pretty good writer. But you’re not in the business of writing. 
That’s what we do. If your site needs new copy, we’ll work on identifying the right keywords for people to find your page. Then, we’ll write copy that tells a story and compels your readers to take action. Ready to connect and inspire your new customers? Contact FGM Internet Marketing to start the conversation today.