FGM Internet Marketing’s Year in Review 2019

2019 year in review
2019 was a busy year for FGM Internet Marketing. We started the year focused on continuing our work with businesses who were looking to grow their business sustainably over the long term instead of those who just wanted a quick one-and-done campaign.
For 2019, every new client started with a complete audit of their current website and marketing efforts, followed by an in-depth, unique digital marketing strategy. For our long term clients, we looked at their progress over the past few years, and developed new strategies for 2019. Overall, 9 strategies were researched and developed this year, and we implemented 7 of them. I’ve written extensively about the importance of developing a digital marketing strategy before launching a campaign. You can read more about that here.
Some of these strategies included designing and developing a new website. Others didn’t require this step as their current website was able to handle the functionalities and actions we desired. Let’s dive into the websites we worked on in 2019.

Websites Designed & Developed in 2019

Each website was custom designed with the unique needs of the client in mind. Too many times do I encounter business websites that are developed around a template instead of considering what the business actually needs. This is like trying to put a square peg into a round hole – it doesn’t serve the client, the website visitor, and costs more money and frustration that it’s worth. The websites in the video below saw 1.5 million users over the course of 2019, with 1.27 million of those users coming from organic search. That’s 85% of users finding our clients’ websites on a search engine like Google or Bing, and we’ll say that’s as a testament to the SEO work that we include in every website project we do.

Social Media Ads in 2019

At FGM Internet Marketing, we find social media ads to be an invaluable tool for creating brand awareness, re-engaging users who have visited a client’s website, and targeting specific demographics and interests. It’s simple enough for anyone to boost a post here and there, but our social media ads have a purpose beyond eyes on a post. From driving visitors to a website to complete an action, to encouraging a sale for those who have expressed an interest, social media ads can be an integral part of a robust digital marketing strategy. Our social media ads reached 526k people in 2019. Check out some of our favorites below.

Google Ads in 2019

The Google Ads platform offers more than just search ads. FGM Internet Marketing also uses Google Ads for display ads, ads on YouTube, Shopping Ads, and more. FGM Internet Marketing manages Google Ads for over 10 clients, and this year our clients’ ads got over 3.3 million impressions, 17.5k clicks, and 242 conversions. Here’s a look at some of our display and YouTube ads.

Email Marketing in 2019

Email marketing continues to be an effective way to communicate with customers, develop brand loyalty, and encourage sales. We use email marketing to keep our clients front-of-mind, introduce their subscribers to new products and promotions, and really develop their brands into one that their customers relate to and love. Take a look at some of the email marketing campaigns we ran in 2019.

Advocacy and Influencer Campaigns in 2019

In 2019 we branched out into some newer forms of digital marketing to see where they could take us. Influencer marketing is new to the scene with the rise of Instagram, and we did a few activities to boost our clients’ brand awareness in the triathlon community. Our advocacy work for cycling and pedestrian safety, as well as ecological issues tied to climate change, has been a labor of love. w.
Since starting the cycling and pedestrian advocacy work in April 2019, we’ve already had two new bills to support pedestrians and cyclists pre-filed in the South Carolina House of Representatives, developed a citizen advocacy group with over 100 members, and presented to local law enforcement and government agencies.
In November 2019, we launched The Eco-Interviews, a platform to elevate the voices of eco-warriors from across the world, and connect people to start conversations about how we tackle our climate crisis. We’ve already interviewed people from Australia and the UK, and we have interviews lined up for 2020 as well. We look forward to seeing how this platform develops further in 2020. Check out our advocacy and influencer marketing below.

Wrapping Up 2019

All in all, 2019 has been a year of transitions for FGM Internet Marketing. We successfully transitioned into requiring an audit + strategy before every new project, and our website design and development has improved with the addition of a new development team. We’ve pursued passion projects, and look forward to developing them further in 2020. 2020 will likely be another year focused on transition, improvement, and processes as we enter our 10th year in business. We are grateful for our clients for trusting us with their brand and promotions, and we look forward to an exciting year to come.
2019 year in review