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FGM Internet Marketing, LLC is a digital marketing and web design company based in Columbia, SC. We have over a decade’s worth of experience working on local, national and international online marketing campaigns, but our passion is helping local businesses grow. FGM Internet Marketing’s suite of online marketing channels will make your business more visible on the web, increase traffic to your website, and convert this into leads and sales.

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We provide our clients with digital marketing services that can be as simple as a website design or as complex as a 12-month digital marketing strategy and budget.

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Web Design

Put your best foot forward with a beautiful, custom website.

Search Engine

SEO, PPC Advertising, Local Listings, we have you covered.

Web Analytics

Track your website’s visitor numbers, behavior, conversions and sales, all in one place.

Marketing Strategy

The backbone of any successful advertising campaign is a researched and robust marketing strategy.

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#decadechallenge - how does the internet hold up? Compare the look of these Google search results for “Obama” in 2009 vs 2019. First, only 0.7% of the world’s website traffic was generated through mobile phones, compared to 52.2% in 2018. There were 1.73 billion internet users worldwide by September 2009 compared to 3.2 billion in 2018. Internet Explorer was THE browser of choice with 62.7% of the market share in 2009. IE has only has around 3% market share today, with Chrome sitting at 63.5% in November 2018. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It’s crazy to think of how much has changed in just 10 years, and a reminder to us #digitalmarketers to keep educating ourselves and to stay abreast of our #digitallandscape 🤩📱💻

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Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great man and visionary. Spend a some time today looking back at what he said, and the vision he had for our future.

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What makes a successful website?

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Why are members of Congress so confused by the Internet?

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