Our Story

FGM Internet Marketing was founded in 2011 by Fiona Martin. In 2021, after working together for a many years, Fiona and Ben decided to turn FGM Internet Marketing into a worker-owned cooperative. The reason behind this decision was Fiona’s desire to grow the business beyond herself while sharing the risks and rewards with the people who do the work and create value for the business and our clients – the workers. In our current iteration, FGM Internet Marketing embodies cooperative principles through democratic decision making, fair compensation, and profit-sharing. Read more about our cooperative journey here.

Our Team

Fiona G. Martin

Founder of FGM Internet Marketing and a competitive triathlete, gardener, dog/chicken/plant mom, fledgling herbalist, and eco-activist. Fiona has been in the digital marketing industry for over a decade and holds a Certificate in Digital Marketing from the IDM. Fiona also serves on the Kershaw County Planning Commission, the Executive Committee of the Columbia, SC Chapter of DSA, and a voting board member for Palmetto Cycling Coalition.

Benjamin Culbreth

Ben Culbreth is a cooperative partner with FGM. He’s an avid reader, passionate about history and conservation, and loves spending time outdoors camping, hiking, fishing, and competing in various sports. Ben is a copywriter and has worked with local and national brands to create marketing materials to educate and persuade audiences to take action. Ben lives in West Columbia, SC and serves on the board of Columbia Opportunity Resource (COR), and is active in his church.
Stefanie Seamster - editor

Stefanie Seamster

Stefanie Seamster is a partner of FGM and an educator by trade. She enjoys proofreading content for the company to present error-free copy for publishing. She is passionate about healthy and holistic living and has been on her own physical health journey for a number of years. Mother to one amazing daughter, Stefanie also enjoys time with family, hiking and kayaking, reading any type of book, photographing nature (as just a hobby), and investing in her students and church community.
Sidestreet Media logo

Sidestreet Media

Sidestreet Media & Technology is a company that offers a diverse range of services such as web design and hosting, event production, traditional marketing services like radio and television campaigns, and managed business technology. Established in 2016, the company has gained a reputation for providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to its clients. Sidestreet Media partners with FGM Internet Marketing to provide website design and hosting. Sidestreet and FGM have partnered on projects for both local and national brands.