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Worker-Owners Fiona Martin and Ben Culbreth spend most of their free-time outside. They combine their love for the nature with digital marketing expertise to create marketing campaigns for outdoor brands.

We help outdoor companies navigate the digital landscape. We spend a lot of time outdoors. So, we’re uniquely positioned to reach your target market.

FGM Marketing works with outdoor brands that care about protecting the environment and helping people spend more time outside.

Our expertise is in digital marketing. We put that knowledge to work for you so that your incredible mission, product, or service can be discovered online. This means you’ll have more customers and better engagement with your audience.

We Spend Time Where Your Customers Are

Our team loves to be outside. You can find us on the bike, on a trail, and doing a lot of other activities exploring the world around us. 

Since we spend a lot of time outdoors, we use equipment and tools that help us enjoy the lifestyle. So we know exactly what your customers are looking for online and where they spend their time. We want to work with brands that: 

  • Encourage time outdoors and ethical use of the land and resources 
  • Are passionate about conservation and environmentally friendly practices 
  • Committed to long-term, practical digital marketing strategies


Let’s work together to get more people outside. 

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